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The CEA Group is a group of not-for-profit community organisations. The organisations within the group have been assisting disadvantaged people since 1980.

The individual organisations within the group were created to provide assistance to disadvantaged people in the community. The group has 6 sites in South East Queensland and co-locates at many additional sites across the state. The organisations within the group have a long history of assisting youth, migrants, people returning to the workforce, people with disabilities, Indigenous people, ex-offenders and mature aged clients.

This assistance comes in the form of benevolent relief through services including rehabilitation; counselling; assistance in obtaining accommodation; personal assistance and support including material and non-material relief; assistance with work and development of work skills.

The group has access to many sites across Queensland between Cairns and the Gold Coast and west to the Northern Territory Border. This access is available to the group through partnerships and linkages with other not-for-profit organisations.

The organisations are reputable and flexible organisations with solid backgrounds in assisting disadvantaged people. The group adopts a holistic approach to its clients and provides many services through funded contracts.

The organisations within the group are:

Each organisation is responsible for many different and varied projects.


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